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        我在工作時聽過許多關於一切都是由能量組成,形體和形式只是因頻率和振動決定的說法。能量永遠不會消逝,它只是改變形式。我也被告知地球本身正在改變她的振動和頻率,而且正準備提升到一個新的次元。一直以來,都有無數的次元在我們周遭,只是我們沒辦法看到,因為當振動加快, 它們對我們的眼睛來說就是無形的,但這並不影響他們的存在。
During my work, I have heard much about everything being composed of energy; the shape and form is only determined by the frequency and vibration. Energy never dies; it only changes. I have been told that the Earth is changing its vibration and frequency and preparing to rise into a new dimension. There are countless dimensions surrounding us all the time. We cannot see them because as their vibrations speed up, they are invisible to our eyes. It is important for us to know more about this shift to a new dimension because we are in the middle of it now, and its culmination is coming soon.

        在《監護人》書裡,我解釋外星人如何使用這點並藉著提高和降低他們太空船的振動頻率來進行時空旅行。有時候,我們也曾在毫無覺察力的狀況下往返其他的次元、我在《隕星傳奇》乙書討論過這個議題。所以,我在過去其實就已經觸及了這個主題,但當時並不瞭解它的完整意義,直到我開始收到越來越多關於它的資料。『他們』希望我們知道得更多,因為「新地球」很快就要來臨它將會是一個重大的事件。當然,甚至在聖經裡,它也被描述為「近了」。而現在,當世界準備轉移、進入新次元的時候,我們也確實能夠看到並感覺到它在我們周遭產生的一些作用。「他們」說過、當頻率和振動增加時,我們會越來越注意到身體所受的影響。我們當中有許多人 , 能夠感覺到存在的另一個層面,有些事正在發生。為了適應正在進行的微妙變化,我們的身體也必須有所改變。這些身體症狀有些會讓人不舒服和擔憂。你會看到並注意到,當地球繼續提高她的振動頻率時,你們能量阻塞的症狀也會比較減輕。

In my book The Custodians, I explained how the extraterrestrials utilize this and travel by raising and lowering the vibrations of their craft. Sometimes, we also go to other dimensions and return and are not aware of this. This was written about in The Legend of Starcrash. So, I have touched on the subject over the years, but I did not understand the full meaning of it until I began receiving more and more information about it. “They” want us to know more because it is coming soon. And it will be a momentous event. Of course, even in the Bible, it was described as coming “soon.” But now we can see and feel the effects all around us as the world prepares to shift into a new dimension.”They” said that we will notice the physical effects more as the frequencies and vibrations increase. Many of us can sense on another level of our being that something is happening. With the changes subtly going on around us, our physical bodies must also change in order to adjust. Some of these physical symptoms are unpleasant and cause concern. “You will see and notice that as the frequency of the planet continues to raise in terms of its vibration, you will have less difficulty with symptoms of energy blockages.”

        我的許多個案被告知他們必須改變飲食習慣,以便適應新的世界。我們的身體必須要變得比較輕盈,這意謂在飲食上排除難消化的食物。在催眠療程中,他們一再告誡停止吃肉(尤其是牛肉和豬肉),主要是因為這些動物飼料裡含有添加物和化學物質。他們說,這些化學物質和人工成份會沉積在我們的器官達六個月之久。要把它們從身體過濾和移除會很困灘。我們也特別被告誡不要吃動物蛋白質和油炸食物,因為它們對身體有刺激作用。「在多年的錯誤飲食後,它們會讓你的身體系統惡化。我們不是要批判,但是身體是被設計為特定類型的載具,如果被濃度和毒素污染,身體就無法提升頻率到更高的次元。」當然,如果你能幸運找到不含毒素的有機肉類,那會比較安全。他們說雞肉和魚比較好,因為比較容易消化,但最好的是「生鮮」的水果和蔬菜。這表示這些蔬果生食要比煮過的好。我們也被提醒要少吃糖,多喝更純淨的瓶裝水和不加糖的果汁。最終,當頻率和振動持續增加,我們將會適應流質飲食。身體必須變得更輕盈才能揚升。「當地球上的能量持續提升並且更純化的時候,你的身體需要跟著轉變。」當然,這些說法沒有一樣是新的。我們多年來都聽過這些和營養有關的事實,但在一切開始變化的時候,我們就更有必要注意我們的飲食。 在2001年,「他們」為了讓我變飲食和生活方式,激烈地介入來引起我的注意。在進行催眠時,不誇張,他們簡直是對我用叫喊的來表達他們的觀點。

        那年,我在佛羅里達州的時候,身體因為脫水很不舒服。「他們」訓斥我,並要我停止喝我的「標準飲料」─我貪喝多年的「百事可樂」。他們完全改變並改善了我的飲食習慣。到了2002年,我的身體已經清除許多毒素,我也能感受到之間的差異。過了幾個月,我的身體才算是所謂的「去毒」了。 他們只要一有機會,就會讓我知道他們仍然在監看我。當他們看到我又悄悄回到舊有的習性,責罵就免不了。Throughout my work, my subjects are being told that they must change their diet in order to make the adjustment into the new world. Our bodies must become lighter, and this means the elimination of heavy foods. During the sessions, my clients are warned repeatedly to stop eating meats (beef and pork especially), mainly because of the additives and chemicals that are being fed to the animals. They said they deposit chemicals and artificial components in our organs that will remain there for as long as six months. It is extremely difficult to filter and remove them from the body. We were especially cautioned against eating animal protein, and fried foods which act as an irritant to the body. “These act as aggravators to your system after many years of misuse. We do not mean to be judgmental, but the body is built for a certain type of vehicular traffic. The body cannot ascend in frequency to higher dimensional realms if the density and the toxins are polluting the environment of the human body.”

Of course, if you are lucky enough to find organic meats that do not contain toxins, that would be safe, in moderation. They said chicken was better, and fish because they are lighter meats, but the best of all was “live” fruits and vegetables. This means those that are eaten raw rather than cooked. We were also cautioned about the elimination of sugar, and the consumption of more pure, bottled water and fruit juices that contain no sugar. Eventually, as the frequency and vibration continues to increase, we will adapt to a liquid diet. The body must become lighter in order to make the ascension. “As the energies on the planet continue to become heightened and more rarified, your body needs to shift with it.” Of course, none of this is new. We have been told for many years about these facts of nutrition. But it seems to be necessary now to pay extra attention to our diet as everything is beginning to change.

In 2001 “they” stepped in to drastically get my attention and cause me to change my diet and lifestyle. During the sessions they would literally yell at me to get their message across. In 2001, I had problems with dehydration while in Florida and was experiencing unpleasant physical effects. “They” reprimanded me and made me give up my standard drink, “Pepsi,” which I had indulged in for many years. They completely turned my eating and drinking habits around, and changed my diet for the better. By 2002, I had cleared a great deal of the toxins from my system and I was noticing the difference. It took several more months before I was “detoxified,” so to speak. Every time they get a chance, they let me know that they are still monitoring me and I am scolded when they see me slipping back into old habits.

        在英國進行的一次眠時,他們說:「你被教導如何處理你將要合作的新能量。不要忘了有些能量你們無法調諧。但這個階段或許不是把這些能量丟開或推開的時候。因為你對它們不熟悉: 你會想『它們不對。』然而它們,然而他們是被吸引到你這裡,你要問:『它們是什麼?』事實上,他們是新的能量也許它們正在重新調整你的身體,移除你體內的毒素。尤其是你的腎臟將要跟過去無法接受的能量合作。只要接受這是清理的程序,它就會發生。他們接著告訴我一個給飲用水注入能量的作法,它可以幫助解毒。「你的身體有百分之七十是水,地球也有百分之七十是水,所以水的重要性簡直難以想像。也因此你喝進身體的水的共振非常重要。當你喝水的時候,使用你擁有的知識來能量化所喝的水。把知識傳進去。成螺旋狀進入。想像水在旋轉,產生朝順時針和逆時針兩個方向轉動的漩渦,形成正面和負面的關鍵點。你必須讓它轉動,使它失去平衡。想像有個思想能量進入了水裡,這個能量旋轉並形成了渦流。這就是你需要做的。然後思想會將水能量化,重新把這個星球接納的生命力導入水中。During a session in England they said, “To understand the new energies in which you will be working, the body is being taught how to deal with this. One must never forget that there are energies out there that are not going to work with you. At this point, maybe these energies are not to be thrown away and pushed away from you. Because they are not familiar to you, you are thinking, ‘They are not correct.’ They are to be drawn into you and asked, ‘What are they?“ In fact, they are new energies. Maybe they are readjusting your body, and in so doing, they are removing toxins. Your kidneys especially will be working with a nonaccepted energy of the past. Just accept that the cleansing process is and will occur.”I was then given a process to energize the water we drink, to help in the detoxification process. “Water, in the basis of seventy percent of yourself, and seventy percent of the planet, is so far beyond importance, it is unbelievable. So therefore the resonance of the water you bring into your body is so very important. When you drink water, energize it with the knowledge you have. Send that knowledge. Spiral it in. Imagine the water spiraling, creating a vortex, in a both clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Creating the positive and negative key. You must move it out of balance. Imagine an energy entering the water and spiraling and creating a vortex. That is all it has to do. The thought will then energize the water. That will then reintroduce life force back into the water, which is the life force acceptance of the planet. 
        在地球上的所有流體,不論是岩石, 或是液態,都是以較慢或較快速度移動的流體。每個事物都有對本身的共振和記憶。人類已經失去對自己〈本質〉的共振和記憶,但是水可以再次供給能量,人類思想形式的過程也可以有助(水的)共振。你要記得,注入能量的一瓶水,它的效果可能只維持幾個小時。你也許會需要重新導入能量。在暍任何液體前,你也可以進行同樣的程序。對食物也可以這樣處理。食物只是流動較慢的液體。這會對身體有幫助,並且幫助淨化和創造你們思維形式裡的清晰,因為你們已經不再那麼清明,運用這個技巧,清明就會恢復。』
All fluid on this planet, whether it is rock or whether it is fluid liquid, is liquid in a slower or faster motion. Everything has the resonance and memory of what it is. Humanity has lost the resonance and memory of what it is, but water can re-energize. Man’s human thought format processes back into and helps work with its resonance. You must bear in mind that this energization of a bottle of water may only last a few hours. You may need to reintroduce it. So the formula may be, before you drink any liquid, do the same process. You can also do the same with food. Food simply being liquid in a slower motion. This will help with the body. This will also help clarify and create a place called “clarity” within your mind thought format because you have started losing some of the clarity. This clarity will come back.”
幾千年來,地球的舒曼共振(Schumann Resonance)。

Time is actually speeding up (or collapsing). For thousands of years the Schumann Resonance or pulse (heartbeat) of Earth has been 7.83 cycles per second. The military have used this as a very reliable reference. However, since 1980 this resonance has been slowly rising. It is now over 12 cycles per second! This means there is the equivalent of less than 16 hours per day instead of the old 24 hours.One of the indications that the frequency and vibration is occurring, is the speeding up and shortening of time.

~ the three waves of volunteers and the new earth

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