受傷的預防 Prevent Injury

To reduce the chances of becoming injured,
To increase both your physical and psychological stamina,
reducing your chances of injury,
as well as giving the athlete that winning edge as energy healing,
To enhance the athletes awareness,

療癒的加速 Speed Up Healing

No Suffering from a sports injury
To return to your team quickly
Get back to your game quickly
Energy Healing are now being used successfully
to help athletes speed their recovery time.
Whether your injury is to your body or purely psychological,
energy healing has been shown to reduce recovery time,
reduce swelling, decrease pain, and increase a feeling of relaxation,

運動員的能量療癒 Energy Healing Treatments for Athletes

using energy balancing and energy healing techniques as part of warm-up routine as well as for achieving and maintaining performance levels throughout the season and continuing on through the off-season to invoke maximum recovery

To help you excel in sports in a natural and safe way
To quickly release the physical, mental & emotional blocks/stresses/traumas
that you may be experiencing, keeping you from achieving your very levels best sports performance.

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