Changing of DNA going to have an effect on psychic abilities.People will become much more telepathic. No need for words, communicating through blocks. No way to lie or cheat. You won’t need to.Everybody would know.The light-body is a kind of design or formation-Sort of an antenna, Multi-Dimensional Being.It sends out frequencies into “The Source".It’s for both the Earth and the people.

 ( Andromeda Healing Frequency:7D ~ 9D)療癒工具與療癒成效之關聯

一個共同的 DNA 密碼容許身體所有的層面連貫一致, 並且以協調的方式運作。你可以說有一種如同 DNA 的共同譯碼~「愛」, 這是你與神聖的造物主所共享的, 「愛」讓你得以在協調中服務生命的源頭、和生命所有的展現。「愛」是你自性的印記。明白了這點,你就會了解:為什麼任何其它的行為都會有所欠缺。但更重要的是:你會開始展開你真正被賦予的特質。別把「愛」想成是一種行為,但也別把「愛」想成是一種效益的值量。如果,你將自己與宏偉的造物主比較,你將會崩潰落入絕望的深淵。「愛」不是一種數量,而是一種自性的品質,「愛」帶來行為的適當性。

A common DNA code allows all facets of the body to cohere and to work together in a coordinated fashion. You might say that there is a common encoding of DNA ‘as love’ that you share with your Heavenly Creator, which allows you to act in coordinated service to the Source of Life as well as to all the manifestations of it.Love is the imprint of your beingness. In knowing that, you will understand why lesser actions fall short. But more importantly, you will begin unfolding that special nature which you were really created to be. Think not of love as an action, however, nor as a magnitude of effectiveness. If you compared yourself to the Creator in magnitude you would collapse into helpless despair. Love is not a quantity, but a quality of beingness that brings forth rightness of action. 

— Love Without End

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