I was born to it-“Be a channels". people would come and connect to me.
and I would talk to them about things, and heal their body.that would change their vibrational frequency. It would make them feel different, and better.And they believed it. so because they believed it, they would make it so.

        then i was told, through my mind, to also put the energy into the DNA.it would make people feel well connected to “All” that is.

        Changing of DNA going to have an effect on psychic abilities.People will become much more telepathic. No need for words, communicating through blocks. No way to lie or cheat. You won’t need to.Everybody would know.The light-body is a kind of design or formation-Sort of an antenna, Multi-Dimensional Being.It sends out frequencies into “The Source".
It’s for both the Earth and the people.

 (仙女星系療癒頻率 Andromeda Healing Frequency:7D ~ 9D)療癒工具與療癒成效之關聯