Book of life 分類概述

In the very core of our website is the Book of Life. All articles are compiled in these categories. At the side bar, top are the testimonials ranging from individuals to athletics. Second half is Book of Life which is further organized into finer topics as follow:

♦ I. Introduction

If “ego” does not exist, everything will become love; Life origins from love, it’s the path to evolve the consciousness into the search of our world. It’s the journey of true love in search of the forgotten and remembered.

♦ Ⅱ. Origin

Oneness = void = soul = conscious = frequency. In the complete tranquil and present state of mind, life itself originate from void, when merged into “Oneness” we do not need to search the answer for life any further. We call puzzle of life Void and every piece of the puzzle is call conscious. The combination of all those puzzle is called energy. Conscious and energy intertwine within the void and within the void, conscious is equivalent to energy whereas they can create infinite and uncountable puzzles. When you obtain one the puzzle, it will become your Nature of Reality, a world, created by you!

♦ Ⅲ. Purpose and Trait of Soul

Free will, karma, vows and spiritual awaken; Our spirit evolve and purify from aspects of body, mind and soul. The purpose is to reach this “school” of “Life”, to learn from this “School”, and ultimately to graduate.

 Ⅳ. Essence and Formality

To discuss topics including relationship, true forgiveness, truthfulness, true love, selfness, and ego; The act of bowing in manner is just a formality, the actual respect is the true essence. Living in formality where we try to recognize the true essence of things, distinguish the truth from the false, and discover truthfulness. Truth often is the opposite of fact and to discover the truth, one requires wisdom.

 Ⅴ. Inner Strength

Our inner strength is to heal (transform) which includes brain potential, spiritual capability, raise consciousness  and usage of highest frequency. Each person is represented by a complex environment and unified by the “forces of good fortune” and. When the relationship with Him, others and one’s self is strong and pure. This complex environment is viewed as love. Retrieve your nature of love; love is your source of power; the support you need; all these are within yourself.

 Ⅵ. Divine communication, Law of universe

Wheel of reincarnation and causality; The wheel of reincarnation drives humanity on earth to grow and prosper in the school of life. Walking towards the perfection of life, a maturer stage. Every “i am” in free will return to the Divine “I Am”. And you are Him, He is you. Despite how lost we are in this journey, we will always be able to connect with Him, because your name is “Love”.

♦ Ⅶ. Share with love

Nourish your heart, focus on the difficulty in life and become love, utility the love of humanity and rise to the divinity love. Utility our role, to love everyone and everything without difference. Love is the only thing that the more you give, the more you have. In the end, anything that you love, shall return with love.