Here, we have no teacher
We meet, we connect, we share
We learn, we complete

♦ Time and Place:

Any time and location are permitted (in person or distance). We provide quiet and relaxing facility in Taipei. (Varies from everyone)

♦ For the prepared ones:

Complete willingness, open mind, connection will start.

♦ Process of connection:

Workshop’s formality, process, frequency and time will depends on your stage of spiritual evolution, state of consciousness, body condition and adjust accordingly. Formality can be fixed or varies depends on everyone. The only thing that remained constant is your willingness, trust and open mind. You are the one deciding the effectiveness of the connection.

♦ Fill out the form:

After filling and send us the form, we will contact via Line and email for more detailed informations and requirements.

To awake the power to the key of your soul

To Awake the ability to self heal: Use the heart to guide, love to direct, transcend “method” and “formality”. This is the healing formula of love, wondrous and natural healing miracle.

This is a world of energy and frequency. From spiritual balance, stress release, to unfolding inner strength, further enhance to linking the higher wisdom, unveil the memory vault of the universe from subconsciousness. It’s a gift for the prepared ones who are completely willing and trusting. Now you have the chance, through series of conscious guidance, simple and relaxing intuitive exercise, to discover a higher physical body higher frequency and elevate the spiritual quality. To gradually increase intuitive capability and the energy quality of self healing, and to integrate spiritual capability and energy into daily life and transform into practical use. Allows you to, during the process of self healing, be able to perform self guided energy flow examination.

After connection, we will not only alter from the state of consciousness, but our body become the channel of light, connecting to the grid of universe. This enhance our frequency. So to alleviate our individual consciousness and soul to a high level of wisdom, therefore open our heart. The higher of our frequency, the higher connection to the divine wisdom and power of love.

Through simple and easy connection of 1. physical healing, 2. tranquility of our soul, 3. mind/ stress release, 4. spiritual healing, 5. inner strength inspiration, 5. connection to universe’s higher frequency, and 6. open our awareness’s potential; it allows the ill to quickly balance, the healthy to active self healing power, the healers to reorganize their DNA and raise their frequency.

If you are interested to learn self-healing, work of energy, work in energy service related work and wanted to improve, through connection and open awareness, this will allows you to have a deeper and profound understanding of how this wondrous power will assist you. In a complete trusting and entrusting environment, you are brought into a harmonious and peaceful energy field, that is supported by a force beyond human imagination. And in “witnessing Consciousness”, you see your true self.

We are here to heal ourselves, to wake up from dreams, to return from the power of spirit, the healing power of love and benevolence is already there. To connect is to disperse the cloud atop, letting the light through, allows the light within us to illuminate and enter a spiritual consciousness that base with our heart.

As a result, like a light towers , healers will use the actual problem solve frequency and emits a harmonious and love-filled energy and serve others. It is a natural and unintentional. This is a work of light. More intriguingly is that when we are what we suppose to be, healing will naturally occurs. The work of light is related to us, it is not by others or this external world. Connection and the service of healing is also related to ourselves. It is a existence of higher state of consciousness, not a state of “doing”.