Even though the course of life is often wrapped around with difficulties, but when forgiveness is taken place, love will recover and learning shall begin.

It is “love” that ignites learning. Only through “love”, learning can begin. Therefore, your hard work will become eternal. Ultimately you can say: “I don’t have to do this anymore, I have finished this course, I understand the meaning of this experience.” “Love” brings life certainty. When your love is pure and without regret or misleading desire, you shall live with confident and passion.

                             ~ Love Without End


♦ Self-Healing Power Awakening

– Beginner level – Turning on the body of light.

As a beginner, you will soon feel the vibration of high frequency, easiness to use, body vibration will raise, transformation and balanced body. Your body will accustom to new frequency. In this phase, you will assimilate from state of feeling into the state of intuition and inspirational energy work. If you are a energy healer, you will discover this high frequency will raise your healing level. Your body and the hand of healing will be adjusted to receive higher healing frequency, and your body will automatically adjust to this higher frequency as well. You can simply and easily use the frequency. Your body will react — noticeably—from the first day you start leading this frequency into an unimaginable state of healing.

  • Energy system of the body is awakened.
  • Connection to the grid of the universe.
  • Raise frequency vibration of the body.
  • Heal ability is awakened.
  • Maintaining a high frequency in the personal frequency level.

♦ Advanced Healing

– Intermediate level – the essence of healing and the presentation of spiritual power.

In this phase, we allow the body of light to raise further. Reach out the hand of light in daily life, and nourish your heart and state of awareness. Apply on the energy work practically. Have a deeper and complete understanding of the essence in healing, energy, frequency, awareness, system of faith, and the healing formula of love.

  • Raise body’s vibrating frequency and healing quality to higher level.
  • Learn to surpass the formality of skills and methods in healing.
  • Become a more powerful healer.
  • Elevate the quality of your soul.

♦ Absentee Healing 

– Trinity, assimilate into.

The healing method that transcend time, space and dimension. When the healing process lay down all sense and enter the “state of mind” and in harmony with the source, healing occurs unconsciously. Here the ego will abdicate.

  • Healing assimilate into the deep consciousness of “One”. (without conscious)
  • The immediate scene disappear. (time and space do not exist)
  • “You” disappear, “I” disappear. (we are each other)

♦ Divine Reconnetion 

– Entrusting, work along with God.

The highest realm and method of healing, the narrow channel of spirit and soul is to enter the door of infinity. To expand and connect the subtle frequency of the universe. From Divine conscious level to connect your light of life into human’s higher level of vibrating frequency.

  • To open the relationship between organic life and the divine source.
  • Consciously being present and peaceful.
  • Connect the Divine within.
  • Fulfill the feeling of “one’s” self.
  • Love, grace, joy from within.
  • Aware His presence: a familiar feeling from within.

♦ Karma Healing

– “Fear” the excuse of not being happy.

Within the causality of the universe, the course of the causality relationship is the channel for losing balance and regaining balance. When balance is lost, it must be regained. And “gratitude” and “love” is the higher course to regain balance.

  • Remove the lock of Karma. (No formality for ritual necessary)
  • Heart to heart communication. (Communication with inner soul)
  • Stop the wheel of Karma. (all related powers within the Karma)

♦ Relationships Healing  

When a person that lacks a harmonious relationship with one’s self or others, problem forms. By raise the resonance frequency in relationship amongst one’s self, family, partners and others, we will live out the true love in the relationships. Manifest the “oneness” love and purify the non-loves.

♦ Healing SubConscious

Most people’s subconscious Self is contaminated and egoistic. These egoistic habits tend to repeat themselves in subconscious memory. Through subconscious healing, purify the five types of spiritual virus and the habits from past lives, returning to the healthier self.

♦ Family self-healing power

– Healing formula of love.

Within you, there is home that house your heart. In which, you will discover the house of heaven and house of earth. Family members surrounded by love and support each other is the most transforming power of healing. This is the healing formula of love. When love is reminded and circulated between each other, healing occurs automatically and individual life transformation will start. The energy from love is the key to a healthy family. With energy connection, love flows in the energy grid between you and your family, regaining the natural harmonious frequency. This will awake your healing power of mind, body and soul. You will be the most important guardian for your’s family health.

♦ Sports Injuries Energy Healing  & Enhances Athletic Performance

What is the “spirit” of an athlete? What is the spiritual evolution? Through conscious demanding, the “conscious cell” will keep evolving and allows us to use spiritual power. And this spiritual power is yet to be understood through “imagination.”

♦ Light-body Healing

– Material body, energy body, the spiritual body multilevel healing.

  • Go deep into subconsciousness (the emotional healing that transcend methods and ritual)
  • Connect with mind and create resonance with emotional body; to trigger, touch and balance the spiritual body.
  • Multilevel release and healing is the successful healthy healing.
  • Energy body : the healing and balance of personality body (mental state) + meridian body (physiological state)
  • Spiritual body: the healing and balance of self or soul. (unify all personality)

♦ Energy Healing for Animals

Cats and dogs are friendly and lovely. They are the a gift for human from above. They are the most touching package of love. Especially they choose to company and warm your heart with their life. They are the symbol of happiness and avatar of love. They are here in all shapes and sizes to teach us so-called “unconditional” love.

  • Start your hand of healing and heal the animal.
  • You can simply and easy use energy healing to give them health and joy.

♦ DNA Healing & Awakening

– “Love” is the engineer that can change DNA

In organic life, DNA is designed to process the complicated and mysterious function of “love”. As for human being, the DNA is designed to process and command a very high level feature of “love.” When you enhance the feature of “love”, your DNA will change accordingly.

  • DNA (chromosome) arrangement within the body, modulate the expression of basic physical integration.
  • Awake the DNA code, making the body coherent in all levels and operating in a coordinated manner.
  • Awake the common code in DNA, connect and coordinate the divine source, to serve the expression of all life.

♦ Connect Soul Origin and Energetic System

Every life originate from a source, “the source of soul.” Most people and soul on earth come from local galactic system. The source of one’s soul is in relation as how one will practice, what is best to practice, why is one still reincarnating in life, the purpose of life, and how to connect to one’s source of energy system.

♦ Live within the vitality of miracle

There are three types of people: live in survival (lifeless), live in life (create results), live “within” life (live out the miracle). Elevate the frequency of your life, live within life of miracle.

♦ Corporate spiritual intelligence

The key to corporate development, innovation and success is not longer base on high IQ or EQ, but rather on the potential of the SQ (spiritual quotient). Once your awareness is opened during transformation, you will treat everyone and everything from within where you are all connection to each other.

♦ Discover the God given gift and walk into the destiny

Destiny (your most valuable) is to follow the vitality surrounding, to fulfill your life with energy. God given duty (your favorite), God given gift (thing you best at). The point when these three intersects, is the when you discover “thing that belong to you exclusively.” Everyone has a “theme” and “platform” within themselves, where they find “purpose of life.” When the purpose of life is being fulfilled or developed, you will natural walking into your exclusive “destiny.”