Beyond the Thinking Mind.

“Teaching” is only part of “guidance”.

Your best teacher is your “intuitive knowing”.

The process, which varies, is interactive and adjustive with everyone.

Entrusting before connection

  1. Pray for the support from the source within.
  2. “Enter” the high state of consciousness.


  1. “First time” eleven frequency, purify, and balance.
  2. “Second time” Transcending level of consciousness and multidimensional.
  3. “Adjusting” allow the frequency of the body to transform and elevate.
  4. “Third time” energy processing test and guidance exercise.
  5. “Forth time” facilitate frequency elevation exercise with others.

During Processes

  1. Relax
  2. Entrusting and focus
  3. No expectation, no presumption
  4. Keep an open mind

Return to Daily life : Return to the knowing and feeling of life, surpassing formality within formality

  1. Stop : Allow the body to relax completely, stop any thinking. (the α wave and θ wave)
  2. Scan : In observe breathing, assimilate into the center of energy, chakra willingly and completely open and balanced.
  3. Reading :  “Peaceful” with “the heart”, stay relaxed, receive without thinking or feeling.
  4. “Consciously” focus on the “realization”, gradually and honestly.
  5. True to yourself, open your heart.
  6. From trust then assimilate into Oneness, stay childish, be curiously and keep on trying.
  7. Simply record, do not analyze, do no judge. (this “do not” is the first step)
  8. This step is your homework, the next is His.

From realm surpassing realm

  1. Visualize (form and method) : Gradually, you will experience. When you experience, you will enjoy. When you focus on practice, the experience will improve.
  2. Reflect : From visualize to reflect and enter “in Spirit“.

Transformation process

  1. “Awareness” stems from emotional fluctuation, and return to the center of balance.
  2. Seek simplicity in life.
  3. Communicate with positive attitude : Observe “body, speech, thoughts”
  4. Consciously living and acting. (awake immediately from drowsiness)
  5. See and treat all things in mutual respect. ( Soul to Soul)
  6. In the state of “Clear and concise” mind to observe the presentation of all two dimensional beings.
  7. Share caring language with anyone you encounter.
  8. No TV, No newspaper. (After conscious elevation, you will not be affected)
  9. Consume more vegetable and less meat. (in 2~3 weeks, accelerate body transparency)

Intuitive Guidance

  1. Languages : limited language in this world.
  2. Words : Guiding thoughts, actualize awareness.
  3. Languages and words are to “create consciousness”, therefore there are differences in consciousness.
  4. Intuitive knowing, surpass the surface of the words → contains answers→ Enhancing understand → ∞
  5. There is a deeper awareness in intuitive focus, not the explanation from words, nor theology nor ideology, but the ultimate true realization.

*Surpassing beyond the surface of the words : Describe with better language, higher experience among experience, the presentation of heart and power. (Simpler words, shorter sentences, common metaphor)

Concept is none sense, unless you can experience it and make it part of your life.



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