Love is the element, energy and willingness that fuel the surprises that occur in every connection. Without love, there is no sincere trust. You are not using money to exchange for the service, you are exchange “love.” You are exchange the relationship and trust to establish the connection.

After filling out the reservation form, we will notify you the necessary energy fee. This energy fee is to your own and requires absolute trust to move forward. The fee will based on individual financial status and willingness. If situation is necessary, we will supply financial aid or installments. We will charge according to program base on number of people. Every program consist of 1~2 workshop (full day of energy and frequency work), and guidance prior and after the workshop. (Using apps, email, phone calls, notes)

The items, formality, process, number of times, and length for each session will adjust base on your spiritual stage, state of consciousness, and body condition accordingly. Formality is fixed, yet flexible, because it “varies from person to person.” The only constant element is your willingness, trust and how open is your mind. You the the one to decide the effectiveness of the connection. As long as you have the absolute willingness, the bank of the universe will fulfill your life blueprint with every resource. For what you have given, it will belong to you eternally. Your highest wealth and harvest is “love”

Our services are mainly divided into the following groups (the following groups link to case-sharing stories)

♦ Individual

Starting with you, the individual. We will utilize the guidance method to seek the blueprint of life within you. We will transmit frequency to resonate and enhance body frequency. Deciphering new messages through your own notes. And again, this will require your absolute trust and acceptance. Everyone is unique. Some might take longer than others to assimilate into the state of being but there is no comparison. Rather, everyone’s conscious state is different as well as the problem we are here to solve in this life time. Don’t think, feel it.

♦ Relationship

This is a group with relationships including friends, family or others. Everyone participating will need to have absolute trust and willingness. This is more difficult than individual (must have same available time and willingness), therefore we have fewer past cases. This group is mostly family.

♦ Institutions

Institutional connection can be scheduled regularly, a one time session, or a day of workshop. This will include company, none-profit organization, school or medical facility.

♦ Occupation

In this informational age, the so-called analysis is a method of past, how to enhance corporate spiritual power is the trend of the future. Use our heart to create, then it will be a mere perfection. With our head, creation are uninspired. We are here to guide the development with intuition, to tune up your receiver for inspiration and allow your condition to reside at the best balancing position and to inject “spirit” “in” to work and career. It is applicable to all career including entrepreneur, dancer, musician, politician, actors, designers,physical therapist, chiropractor, doctors and so on.

♦ Athletics

Why do we love sports? “Energy healing” and “entering the state” to activate the potential in sport. In human experience, there is an invaluable authenticity hidden inside the sport. Assimilate into an exciting game allows us to temporarily switch off reasoning (control of the brain) and step into intuition and touch the spirit (feelings, receiving). That is body’s higher frequency. Energy is exchanging and it is incomparable to the element of life, materialist goods and money. Completely let go the “ego” and assimilate into the self, to be able to experience one’s spirit, transcend the suffering in life, break the barrier in logic as well as the vanity of the world. At that specific moment, it allows us to be temporarily isolated from the rigid bound of life, to release pressure, to restart and reconnect with truth and simplicity.

Energy healing has already brought surprises to many athletes. Whether you know energy or frequency, you will have the opportunity to experience the healing energy, to bring you a healthier and stronger body, and to regain the passion of sports. By connecting your body cell code with a higher frequency, start the body of light, you will experience a continuous increase in the frequency of your body’s vibrations and self-healing power. This means that you can also use the energy in this frequency, and apply it in improving health, repair sports injuries and achieve peak performance. In a one-day workshop, through the guidance and initiation of energy, you will have the opportunity to sense the continuous improvement of your body’s energy system consciously by connecting and re-organizing your body cell code and initiating the transformation of your body and mind.

Through one on one guidance and awakening and connecting with higher frequency; Reorganize your body cell code, start your healing ability and body mind and soul’s transformation; You will have the opportunity to “consciously” experience the body energy system continuously improving. This means that you are entering the world of energy and frequency where you can easily use the tools of energy. And practically apply on yourself, relationship, career, sport and live out the best of your life. And this spiritual power, can not be understood with mere “imagination.”