Your absence or proximity, is all about seeking your inner self.

Every once awhile, you want to be alone. It does not represent negativity, it merely indicates that your inner self wants to understand itself more. What to notice is that understanding it does not mean to resist or to avoidit simply mirrors your inner need. This need tells you to leave the crowd (state of mind). It does not ask you to be a hermit, yet, It tells you that you don’t have to be “with” the people that you don’t need to be with. That is, leaving the crowd.

In the harmonies relation dynamic, according to the picture below 「∞(infinity)」, leaving the crowd is leaving the center dots. All you need to do is go with the direction of the flow. Eventually, you will return to the center, that is, back with the crowd. Most importantly, you need to make sure you are moving forward instead of standing still.

Being alone does not mean you are not in a relationship. Instead, you are always there with yourself. When you are not letting people, event, or substance that knock you off from your balance, you will finally achieve your harmonious state of mind. You will understand yourself profoundly, a feeling of coexisting with yourself. At this point of balance, you will be able to be with your true self at any time at everywhere.

Furthermore, to connect to the higher level of yourself, meaning the spiritual connection or soul autonomy, you will need to return to the fountain of love within yourself; thus, experiencing that love and be able to cultivate that love to others and from others. Love is within your harmonious point of balance. When your soul connection to that inner balance, to meet your true self, love your true self. An awareness of self rise from within, you can sense an amicable frequency, a joyful and grateful feeling rise. You know your existence, your inner self will vividly recognize this sensation.


Relationship will acceleration your transformation process. It will help you understand yourself including your positive traits and your energy blockage. For the ones that need you, prepare yourself:

  1. Do not need to push it, just relax and allow itself to start.
  2. Merge within and feel all types of relationship, how the frequency flow, and communicate with honesty and straightforward. Use all senses to vividly imagine them. These senses of relationship and vibration are your new level of vibration. Relax and invite them to reveal themselves, knowing everything is true and wait with joy within.
  3. Proactively spread your new level of vibration, like a beacon of light, continuously projecting energy as ripples. Keeping your energy field vividly vibrating.

When encounter people that giving us trouble, they are not punishment, rather, they are opportunities to accelerate our transformation. When you return to the balanced center, giving and receiving become miraculous and touching.

You no longer feel the obligation of either receive or give, no more “eye for an eye”, no more active of giving in order to receive, no more pleasing others for purposes, no more out of control of what to receive from others or how to receive them. Perhaps to discover ourselves to give generously without thinking or consideration; or receive things that we do not even know we need or desire.

Why would I search for him? I am just Him? From me, his true essence reveals. I am just searching for myself.


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