Incredible healing energy (Reiki healer)

Activate your healing power
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activate energy healing power

I took Tungwei’s workshop over one year ago.
At first I didn’t notice much but it works and anyone can do it.

I am a Reiki healer and I use it on everyone.
i have over 25 years experience working with healing,
therapies and energy medicine.

Each time people come into the Treatment Room I conduct a relaxing
energy balancing healing session that last about 15 to 20 minutes.
Most people say that the energy balancing from these sessions
permanently reduced day to day anxieties immediately.

Spiritual Healing Treatment_Room

I never touch their body I just walk around you as you lean back
in a recliner and I balance your energy field.

Many people have reported the complete removal of addictions such
as alcohol and drugs no withdrawal symptoms as a result of the healing sessions.
Some have reported all addictive behaviors disappeared.

Others have reported their mental illness problems went away,
depression cleared up, pain melting away,even one case of a
Gallbladder Cancer disappeared. (witnessed by whole family in a demonstration).


Anything is possible with this incredible healing energy and most can
feel the energy coming out of my hands.
The healing energy can work on any issue psychological or physical.

I have also been trained in Qi Gong,magnifiedhealing, and Reiki healing ,
and the Andromeda healing frequencies is the most effective for me.

I highly recommend to connect tungwei because this frequencies
will help people shift the body and consciousness to another level. (especially energy healer)

thank you.
In Love and Truth.

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